Handheld Oximeter with SpO2 Waveform Display G1B+
    Handheld Oximeter with SpO2 Waveform Display
  • TYPE
     G1B+ has the outline of streamline, it is cute and easy to operate in hand.
    1.8" TFT screen in high definition & quality; Real-time showing of SpO2 waveform, SpO2 & PR value.
    • High measurement accuracy: In the scope 70%-100%, the SpO2 measurement accuracy will be ±2%.
    • In the scope 30bmp-250bpm, the PR measurement accuracy will be ±1bpm.
    • It has two display modes of SpO2 waveform and status information tips of big fonts.
    • It could be used on many measuring objects: adults, pediatric, neonate.
    • Convenient setup of alarm parameters, audible and visual indication of alarm parameters.
    • The setup menu is concise and easy to operate, the operation could be mastered in the shortest time.
    • The date of measuring object could be saved independently, parameters & trend datas in 24 hours could be saved, maximum up to 999 measuring objects.
    • It has the design of USB port for uploading data and professional software of data review & setup on PC side.
    • It support the real time clock, current time will be clear at a glance, the clock setup is easy, you could finish the setup manually or by PC software.
    • It uses the rechargeable NIMH batteries, easy to buy and it could be cycle used, so it is cost effective.
    • It has the specialized charging base, it could be charged rapidly, the electric quantity could be shown in real time, it could work at least 10 hours after fully charged.